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Back Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain


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Pain Relief

Chempaka Pain Relief Clinic

Pain Relief Therapy that works

Here on the Isle of Man!

and the

Chempaka Inner Sanctuary

Our success speaks for itself and our patients and clients are happy for this unique treatment to help them become Pain Free, even after years of suffering. 

Our treatment is unique! We use a combination of unique skills and expertise to help people in pain, so that they once again know what it feels like to be pain free.

Our Integrated System is a total system for the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of pain syndromes (chronic pain conditions that occur in the musculoskeletal system when there is no obvious sign of injury or inflammation) and neuropathy due to fascial/muscular or skeletal misalignments.

The system is grounded in Western Medical Science, and has a solid foundation in its radiculopathic model of pain, which is now supported by many experts in the field. We also use our own acupuncture balance system to compliment where necessary.

We match the most suitable techniques to different body types and conditions, drawing on our evidence-based research; our very unique system explores the physiological, neurological and psychophysiological responses of the human body and starts the healing process.

You're Pain Free Again!

We are therapists who use a mix of ancient and cutting edge modern manual skills, Intramuscular Stimulation, Neuro/Nerve entrapment relief, Osteopathic type alignments and specialist acupuncture as an integrated approach to pain management and the facilitation of rehabilitation in musculoskeletal dysfunction.

That is the revolutionary message of our breakthrough systemfor eliminating chronic pain without drugs, surgery, or expensive weekly physical therapy.

If you are in PAIN,

and are one of the millions of people who are fed up with pills and drugs from a struggling Medical System…. 

Followed by Physiotherapists, long term trips for short alternative treatments Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, and other modalities, although perhaps helpful at one time, but don’t seem to be helping any more and you still have PAIN!

Then you have come to the right place!

Don’t live in pain – when there is an alternative!

Our results speak for themselves:  

clinical efficacy has become the hallmark of our treatments.

Call us on 01624 817844

If you get our message recording, it means we are busy at that moment with other patients and clients but will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.  Please note that our last appointments finish at 9pm, so it might be the next day before we can contact you to discuss bookings.  We appreciate your patience in this

Our Facebook Page has more information and notes on our treatment

Unlike some therapists’ “one-routine-fits-all approach”, at Chempaka Inner Sanctuary and the Chempaka Pain Relief Clinic, we explore posture, gait, lifestyle, stress factors, and individual needs and preferences, as well as the origin of aches and chronic pains to enable us to select the perfect personal treatments for your needs.

Chempaka Pain Relief Clinic

Pain Relief Therapy that works

Here on the Isle of Man!

and the

Chempaka Inner Sanctuary

Traditional Iban and Javanese Massage


We also recommend you see our “Introduction and Services page” for more information on our treatment and how we can help you.

Rather than treat symptoms in isolation, it integrates the WHOLE person – body, mind and soul – to leave you pain free and feeling nurtured and relaxed on all levels.

Treatments are tailored to your very special and individual needs at each visit so you get exactly what you want out of each session. No two treatments and massages are completely the same.

Choose from a variety of services:

Not sure what treatment is right for you?  We can assess your needs and help you choose.