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Aromatherapy - Isle of Man Practice

The Iban massage we offer uses fragrant essences of wonder healing plants (sent directly to us from Tracy's family) mixed with aromatherapy and is an experience you will forever cherish. Just lose yourself in the Experience and intimately join mind, body and soul.

Aromatherapy is considered as a form of healing that makes use of various aromas from pure extracts of flowers, leaves, herbs, and other plants. These extracts are converted to oil which is said to be therapeutic as it is inhaled and as it is applied on the skin.

Massage complements aromatherapy very well. Massage being especially effective in loosening muscle contractions, releasing toxins in the body, and improving blood and oxygen circulation when used together with aromatherapy oils for massage is, of course, doubly beneficial.

Aromatherapy and massage can easily affect the autonomic nervous system. It can cause the fight and flight response to calm down thus reducing the amount of hazardous stress hormones in the body. A person who has significantly low levels of stress become less prone to diseases or recover easily from any sickness or health problems. 

This kind of complementary therapy is widely used in many healthcare institutions around the world. It has been proven to greatly improve the quality of life of patients. Thus, it is being recommended to cancer patients as a form of supportive therapy. 

A research on this was conducted at the Marie Curie Cancer Care in London where 103 cancer patients either received massage or aromatherapy massage. Results show that those who received aromatherapy massage had significantly reduced anxiety levels as compared to those who only got basic massage. Some improvements in the patients’ disposition, physical comfort, and quality of life in general have also been noted. 

The research concludes that aromatherapy oils add up to the physical and psychological well being that patients feel in addition to the physical comfort that massage actually provides. These results are in conjunction to the benefits of touch therapy, which are further enhanced by the power of aromatherapy.

Not only are aromatherapy and massage proven to be helpful to cancer patients, it has also been found out that they may help people with learning disabilities. The senses of smell and touch play a major role on this. 

The olfactory system has direct connections to the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that has to do with emotions. The senses of touch and smell appear to be less complicated as compared to the senses of hearing and sight. With this, a form of communication maximizing touch and smell is easier, especially for people with learning disabilities. 

People with such disabilities are often characterized by stereotypical behaviours, monotonous actions that are purposeless, and impairment in their senses. These characteristics appear reduced with aromatherapy and massage.    

This form of therapy works by causing the person to avoid self-stimulation. This happens because they start to become more aware of their own body and build tolerance to touch. As such, they are able to divert their focus to something else and not just to themselves. This is initially manifested by the capacity to interact with the therapist. 

Moreover, even athletes benefit from aromatherapy massage. For quite a while already, it has been part of athletic training. It boosts performance and makes recovery thereafter easier. Serious athletes, like those who participate in Olympic games, have regular sessions before and after every game.

Indeed, aromatherapy and massage can do a lot of wonders. This is specially the case if it is done properly and carefully.

Since the pairing of aromatherapy and massage has been proven to be really effective in intervening with some medical conditions, practitioners are usually required to undergo some years of training first. The use of such powerful oils is endless and must not be underestimated. Tracy of Chempaka Inner Sanctuary has spent over 15 years studying and practicing Aromatherapy and when combined with massage is truly a wonderful experience.

Aromatherapy massage is a blend of using massage techniques, alongside the procedure of choosing a combination of essential oils, that have been specifically selected for that particular person. Aromatherapy is a unique course of treatment, due to this one factor, the combination of selected oils chosen, won’t ever adhere to a regimented pattern. The essence of Aromatherapy is, that it’s customized to suit the person looking for support -it’s not a conveyor belt, each and every individual treated continues to be an individual, with personal needs.

Aromatherapy will attempt to get at the cause of the issue, and in this day and age, aided by the extensive choice of oils from which to choose from, giving an endless source of treatment for a lot of conditions or ailments.

Aromatherapy makes use of a number of different parts of a plant, flower, tree as well as fruit, by extracting their natural fragrance and making use of the oil extracted for a particular health problem, whether it is physical or emotional, or mental, the oil is employed to rebalance the individual. Occasionally one specific plant may have different parts utilized, for different health problems.