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Luxurious Hand Made Soaps

and Bath Bombs

In a world filled with pollution and chemicals, Chempaka Inner Sanctuary has created a line of wonderful handmade soaps and bath time luxuries using only pure and natural ingredients. The perfect gift for family and friends, besides pampering oneself - of course.

The range of soaps, shampoo bars, body splashes, herbal bath packs, relaxation oils and bath creams features a huge range of exotic and tempting ingredients, many from the Far East and lovingly prepared and others such as peach to name one of the wonderful fruits, peppermint, ylang ylang, cinnamon and even chocolate, together with selected natural spices and herbs.

The sumptuous selection we lovingly prepare will tempt and inspire all who use them.

Pamper and de-stress yourself by popping a glorious fizzing bath essence into a warm, relaxing bath and letting all the strains and stresses of the day just melt, or rather fizz, away. Either as treats for yourself or gifts for loved ones, we carefully prepare many sensuous delights using sophisticated scents and aromatic herbs to suit your mood and help with ailments.

The perfect gift for family and friends, besides pampering oneself….