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Shoulder Pain, Frozen

Shoulder and Neck Pain

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There's a story that we want to share because of the happy outcome that is very hard to beat. A young man aged 23 years old was a fisherman and when he was only 14 years old had a terrible accident when he got his arm caught in a winch on a fishing boat deck and very badly damaged his arm and shoulder.

He was lucky to have his arm but even though the doctors had operated they could do no more to help and told him he would not have the use of his arm again in a proper manner. His shoulder was frozen and his arm immobile. Nothing seemed to work up there.

He could not move his elbow more than 4 inches away from his body and hip and had not been able to raise his arm at all more than around waist height. He could not put his arm out to the side at all. Although his arm had muscle tone and he could hold things, it was not nearly as much as his good arm and just wouldn't work properly and he just couldn't raise it at all.

His doctors had nothing more except more drugs, which were causing him to suffer sickly side effects and depression He went to Physiotherapy but he said the sessions hurt too much and only managed to cause more suffering. He had tried Chiropractors but they couldn't help him at all and in his words only managed to keep draining his bank account over the years.

He was recommended to us after suffering another bout of terrible pain and came not expecting too much at all. His face said it all. He was in horrible pain and his future looked bleak and he was also suffering from stress and depression.

After 3 hours of therapy he was unbelievably able to raise his arm above his head height for the first time in 9 years and was also able to now put his two arms out to the side while lying down without pain and the fantastic smile of sheer joy and disbelief on his face, now once again said it all.

We took a photograph of that moment when he first moved his arm above his head and another when he was able to put his arm out to the side, both for the first time in 9 years! What a truly amazing smile and laugh! What a truly amazing photograph and super memory for us to treasure. 

One of the most dramatic and wonderful successes we have had amidst the hundreds of happy endings.