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Vibrational Therapy &

Binaural Beat recordings

Vibrational Therapy, also called Vibrational Medicine and Energy Medicine, is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency and that by using resonant vibration, balance of matter can be restored. Science is finding out that single cells and body cells live in response to their environment and they work on energy and vibration. 

By carefully tuned Tuning Forks applied at strategic point harmonics are developed in the living cells within the body and set about healing and growth.

At any level of existence, whether it be atomic or cosmic, forms that are in a state of balance and health, pulse in and out of stillness and movement. It is a dynamic, ever-changing dance. In fact, form in its own wisdom and intelligence, is constantly seeking to correct imbalances.

Imbalance often results in states of either no movement or too much movement. Contrary to what you might think, the system wisely creates these states in order not to overwhelm itself when imbalance occurs. When imbalance is registered deeply, the system cannot self-correct. When form ceases to freely move, it atrophies, and over time, dies. Or, if form never rests, it will eventually burn out. Our “system” includes not only the physical, but the emotional, mental and spiritual parts of us as well.

Resonance and vibration: Resonance works on the principle that like attracts like. When the C string of a harp or piano is struck, all the other octave strings of C begin to vibrate. They are in resonance with one another. The different parts of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being resonate to various frequencies of vibration. We carefully choose the correct frequencies and vibration in our tuning forks that bring the correct resonance and restore balance to the system.

Vibrational/Energy Therapy gently resonates stuck energy to move or vibrate again... or over-stimulated energy to explore stillness. Over time, the system finds balance between the two by being able to move through the entire range of possibilities fluidly and easily. Balance is restored.

This is the experience of not only health and vitality, but expansion, transformation of consciousness, and eventually, transcendence.

Use of a specific complementary regimen from an assortment of vibrational therapies invites the system back into its core resonance, into its true nature. It is an invitation to find harmony, peace and health.

Chempaka Inner Sanctuary

Our Deep Relaxation Therapy uses Binaural beat recordings using our very own specially generated sounds mixed with Nature sounds to alter your brainwaves to Alpha and Theta.

Using our research skills and the latest computer technology, we have produced a unique range of binaural beat sounds, allowing you to quickly and easily enter states of creativity, relaxation, or pure energy! It is one of self induced relaxation and light hypnosis and if you haven't ever had such an experience, you are definitely missing out.

Binaural beats are different frequencies, which are masked by Nature sounds such as rainfall. The frequency played in the left ear is different to the one played in the right ear, but when listened with both ears, the brain perceives a third frequency. The brain mixes the two frequencies and comes up with a completely separate frequency that matches the Alpha and Theta frequency states, which deeply relaxes the recipient. 

It helps immensely in depressive or moody states and in general, especially after a wonderful relaxing therapy massage it is so deep that you will feel refreshed and new born afterwards.

We have had students come for treatments prior to their GCE exams, or ahead of a University thesis.